Sunday, 29 May 2011

Well quelle surprise its bank holiday, half term and yes its raining. Matthew is climbing the walls as he's dying to try his new chalk darts but they are for outside use only. Am watching Tikabilla with William. He's so clever at reading numbers, he knows them all up to ten, so when the tikabilla clock comes on he gets really excited as he points at random and gets them all right. Who's a clever boy then. Just like his mummy. Tikabilla is a modern day version of Playschool, gosh that brings back memories of Floella Benjamin and those rastaplaits. Although my fave kiddy program (we only had a handful to choose from) was Chorlton and the Wheelies.

I am laughing that Utd Lost last night. Barcelona!!!! as Freddy Mercury used to sing. It puzzles me though, listening to the after match talks etc, why people say 'we were out played, we could have played better, we lost to a better team...'  whats with the 'we' its not as if they were on the pitch playing along. Get a life, its only a game. Its the taking part that counts not the winning. har har har  Its so annoying that a bunch of neanderthals who need no education get paid so much for playing games. Take Beckham for instance, as soon as he opens his mouth it shows straightaway what a thicko he is, still i suppose if it hadn't have been for football he would have been on benefits!!

2 days to round 3. Lets hope those bug fighting white blood cells have called in the troops and have amassed into a massive army, just waiting for those nasty chemo drugs to obliterate them all again.You can just imagine Harry's bone marrow saying wtf!! lets hope it doesnt go on strike and say what's the point. This has been known to happen, its got a scientific name .. neutropenic' and can last for weeks. Its as if the bone marrow needs a rest and also means chemo is put on a hold till its starts up again. I do not want any delay now whatsoever seeing as he is responding so well. I hope he hasnt lost anymore weight, just feels about the same to me. C'mon Harry you tough little cookie x

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