Friday, 19 October 2012

Stand up to cancer day

Today is a nationwide fundraising event called stand up to cancer. Their aim is to raise money to find a cure for all cancers.

Well harry is fightin his own battle and today was his latest visit to Birmingham. Well he must have known what was happening today as he made his own stand against cancer and had a clear visit. No new tumors, naja zilch nothing. This makes it a hat trick. Something he's never managed before for both eyes.

I am so proud of my wee man.

There is always a 'but'

They will not stretch his appointment beyond 5-6wks as there are some areas that concern them and he is not out of the woods yet. Their words, words which have struck a sharp blade right through me. Are they expecting something bad to happen?

But for now I will take a clear visit, and hope my fears will be unfounded.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Was only a matter of time....

Til William broke his glasses. Think its something to do with the fact he has to wear a patch for 2hrs a day to try and speed up the correction of his lazy eye.
He hates the patch like boys hate soap. Who can blame him, but it has to he done.
I'd been putting it on whilst he is at school, another boy wears one so I thought it may help. Plus there's so much close work activity at school it would help him more than at home. He wears his glasses over it.

Well not today, whilst in the car on the way to school a little voice commented "i not be wearing my eye patch today". Oh yes you are I replied. "well my glasses dont work" and turning round I found him holding them with one arm looking like it had multiple spiral fractures (the glasses not William lol)
Cheers William.

On a harry note, the health visitor came today for a catch up as shes not seen harry for a while. He was obligingly cute, and now weighs in at a massive 10.8kg. Well massive for harry, still on the tidgy 25th centiles so quite behind kids his own age, but as they say great stuff comes in small packages!

Madeleine is loving school, they have been teaching with phonics which is great for reading but deal for spelling and she is streaking ahead and now reading loads of words. Certainly making I-spy a whole lot easier.

Gotta go, marlene from rainbow trust is here to entertain William.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Harvest and a catch up

My gosh has it really been so long since I posted? Well lets have a catch up.

Harry continues to totter his 2 or 3 steps. He's not got any braver, or maybe its because he cannot really see. Imagine walking round with one eye and that half shut with something stuck in front of it and thats perhaps all Harry can see. He's aware of obstacles to a point once he's learnt a room layout he can get round safely, but thats having the comfort of being on all fours. His hands are in contact with something solid and secure, he doesnt have that when he's on his feet, so no wonder he's a little insecure. He's still my brave little soldier.

It was Matthew and Madeleine's Harvest service today. Each class had a poem and song to sing. (don't worry, there's only 4 classes it being a small village school) and Matthew's kicked off with their poem. Matthew had learnt it word for word. His memory is amazing. His teacher had even commented in his home to school diary how excellent he was at the service. Very proud mamma.
Next came Madeleine and their Oats and Beans and Barley grow. I have been singing that sodding song all week, she had sung it at every breathing opportunity. They were to stand in front of the whole church and perform it with some actions. Now I declared that she wouldnt do it. Just stand there with her fingers in her mouth looking cute. But no, she proved me wrong and sang her heart out and did all the actions too. I was so proud of her, my heart almost popped. Her look of self triumph was amazing too. Now I did take my camera but thanks to William's constant wiggling and wanting to go sit with his siblings I completely forgot to use it. Doh!

Her teacher had been absent the day before due to a family funeral. Madeleine informed me that she had gone to say goodbye to her uncle as he had died.
'Am I going to die mummy?' she asked. Oh Lord, what a question.
'Not til you're at least a hundred I hope darling' I replied.
'What happens when you die?' she asked. Erm, I think its like going to sleep and staying asleep forever I replied. What else do you say to a four year old.
'I don't want to die then' she said 'because I don't like going to bed'!!!!
Now howsthat for turning something sad into something fairly humerous.

I spent a loverly few hours with my sis Rachel on Wednesday having a giggle and a catch up. The only downside was the location was Minor injuries Unit at our hospital. Now already having a dicky knee, she decided to entertain her class of 30 7/8 year olds by falling backwards over a little kiddy chair. They giggled, she too giggled tho she was really wanting to shout 'F@$* that bloody hurt!'
So I took her to the hospital where she was xrayed and prodded and poked and you can catch up on her blog here

And here we are on a wet and windy Friday night. Dan has started his run of nights, shame, so I have the TV and the sofas and the laptop and the bed all to myself. What usually happens, is I get all the kids to bed, settle into a sofa of my choice, put on something to watch, usually the Great British Bake Off, then fall asleep to some ludicrous time with my arm and hand dead and pins and needly.
This weekend is the Rb family weekend to celebrate 25years of Chect (The childhood eye cancer trust) and we're not there. I would have loved to have met the wonderful families I have come across on twitter and facebook, but sadly its not to be this year. It would have been nice to have been with people who are in the same boat as us. To have the same experiences and fears for the future, and I have many fears. It makes you a little neurotic, every ailment, ache, pain makes you start the what-if game and its not just with Harry. I know its irrational, and all my children will grow and achieve great things but whilst you're sheltered in the safety of not living with the evil 'c' word you never have to have these thoughts. So think yourself lucky if you're one of the lucky ones and count your blessings.
I count my blessings everyday. I have four of them, and each one makes my day worthwhile. From the mischievous William, to the ever so grown up Matthew and the sweet eating Madeleine to my happy little monkey Harry. They make me smile every day, and no amount of wind and rain, evil or crapness can stop me counting.
Just don't forget to count yours!