Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Was only a matter of time....

Til William broke his glasses. Think its something to do with the fact he has to wear a patch for 2hrs a day to try and speed up the correction of his lazy eye.
He hates the patch like boys hate soap. Who can blame him, but it has to he done.
I'd been putting it on whilst he is at school, another boy wears one so I thought it may help. Plus there's so much close work activity at school it would help him more than at home. He wears his glasses over it.

Well not today, whilst in the car on the way to school a little voice commented "i not be wearing my eye patch today". Oh yes you are I replied. "well my glasses dont work" and turning round I found him holding them with one arm looking like it had multiple spiral fractures (the glasses not William lol)
Cheers William.

On a harry note, the health visitor came today for a catch up as shes not seen harry for a while. He was obligingly cute, and now weighs in at a massive 10.8kg. Well massive for harry, still on the tidgy 25th centiles so quite behind kids his own age, but as they say great stuff comes in small packages!

Madeleine is loving school, they have been teaching with phonics which is great for reading but deal for spelling and she is streaking ahead and now reading loads of words. Certainly making I-spy a whole lot easier.

Gotta go, marlene from rainbow trust is here to entertain William.

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