Saturday, 21 May 2011

Hallelujah, some good news at last. Yes the eye drops were of the stinging kind, and they did grumble when they were put in, but they all sat as still and quiet as a rabbit in headlights (their eyes were as wide too lol) whilst every millimetre of their eyes were checked. I must have held my breath for about 10mins in total but was finally told that my 3 older sweethearts show no signs of BRB. Whoopeedoo.
BUT, due to protocol and as it can strike up to the age of 5 or 6, they have to be re-checked. Okay, not so bad, he wants to see Matthew in 12m then he will be discharged. Madeleine in 3m time (she is going to be so impressed) and William in 2m so I still have the awful task of forcing them nasty eye drops on them.
Matthew had a sight test too, he got all the way to the bottom line with each eye, I must admit I had a smug little smile. William has long jumped over a mega long waiting list to get his slightly lazy eye looked at and treatment as appropriate. This means it should be sorted before he goes to school. So I suppose I have to thank BRB for something.
So we needed just one more result from Friday's epic trip to the hospital. Harry's blood count results. Despite looking the picture of health, his haemoglobin levels had just scraped through although his platelet count was good. This means we can go to Birmingham on Monday. However, his neutrophil level was 0.3, and the ideal lowest value should be 1, so he is at an increased risk of getting an infection, as this is the infection fighting white blood cell. We have to keep a close eye on his temp, and we have been given direct access onto Birmingham oncology ward on Sunday whilst we are in the hotel in case it goes up, then he will need antibiotics. Lets hope it recovers enough for Tuesday, whilst i hate pumping his little body full of those nasty toxic drugs, I want it over and done with so any delays are not acceptable. Come on Harry you tough little cookie, get them blood cells made quickety quick.
The children easily chose their reward, lunch at McDonalds. Cue some nutritionally deficient junk which must be full of kiddy nicotine as they are addicted (although I only let mine go as a treat very occasionally) and the nasty eye drops were immediately forgiven and forgotton. Matthew complained that his eyes were blurry until the minute we walked through the door, then they were miraculously better as he asked to play his Little Big Planet game.
Little Big Planet, a kiddy game which has me boggled. I do not understand it and I cannot follow it but Matthew (and now Madeleine) whizz though with their Sackboys making up and playing other kids made up planets. One level is like the Total Wipeout game. Some kid genius made that one up. Whilst I do not condone gaming, it has completely stopped his love of shooting games and is slowly turning our little big boy into a graphic designer.

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  1. Brilliant news ( except for the bloody neutrofil count) all round!!