Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The lying b******s. We got a letter from Birmingham confirming their diagnosis. It was a photocopy of one they'd sent to the guy in Lancaster who saw Harry initially and dated 13/4/.11. Excuse me, but as the parents of the patient in question what gives them the right to treat us as an after thought. We should have had the letter first.
Anyway, there was a lot of technical jargon,which made it sound even more awful, but they were words which described the tumours and their location on the eyes. Except his left eye which we were told there was one large tumour which had lifted some of his retina now has another small tumour on it and a total retina detachment. There will be words on Monday. Unless I didnt listen properly at our first meeting but I think i would have remembered a complete retina detachment. What does it matter I suppose, he still has bilateral retinablastoma and has eons of hospital visits and treatment to come. Lets hope friday doesnt drop more earth shattering devastating news on us


    Horrid horrid horridness. poor little Harry, who you wouldn't even think there was anything wrong. Just calmly explain that you think you deserve to be kept in the loop at the time and be given the whole truth at the time. You are a big girl you can handle it! I want to retract these words from my brain now I have read them.

  2. I know I am naive, but what is ESN?