Saturday, 14 May 2011

Wow where did that week go. I must admit I am a little nervous as I get everything ready to take Matthew for his swimming lesson. William will go dressed in nothing lest he dare get too hot and have a fit. Am sure all will be ok.
A bit of a non-descript week really. Harry remains quite well, he must be a tough little cookie. The nurse came on Tuesday to flush his Hickman Line and declared he was the most eatable delicious baby she'd ever seen. Naturally seeing as he is one of mine!!
Madeleine goes to school every morning apart from Thursday, and whilst I do miss her, the peace is lovely. William enjoys feeling like an only child for a couple of hours.
Wednesday ... oh yeah as I walked back to the car to load my asda shopping in I noticed a nail in one of my back tyres. I am always getting nails, I am sure I must have magnetic tyres. So I tutted and chunnered and drove home. My front tyres were very, and yes illegally, worn on the inside rims so these needed replacing too. So in all I needed 4 tyres. OMG OMFG we are truly skint at the min and the cheapest tyre I could find was £62 each. Think think, so I rang Ken Allen, the scrap car dealer, and unbelievably he had just taken 4 almost new tyres off a Galaxy like ours and wanted £20 each. Result. So I went on Thurs morn and he fitted them too. Bargain. The socail worker came in the afternoon to fill in Harry's Disability Benefit applicaion. It took over an hour on line, god knows how long a paper version would have taken. She was brill, knew what to put in each box. I wouldnt have had a clue. Hopefully we'll hear in a couple of weeks and then use his money to cover diesel, food etc to all his many appointments. We have never been eligible for any help before, so I am going to claim every penny I can get, hospitals are an expensive hobby.
I suppose it wasn't so non-descript.
Am going to get ready for swimming, and will take my little brood afterwards to see grand parents and hanty raychel and return her little bag with freshly laundered rescue items from my adventure to RLI last weekend.
I am going to make up a little bag to always keep in the car, so should I ever have to stop in again for whichever child I will always be ready. I said that last week and I still havent done it but the thoughts there.
Next week starts a new adventure and I am already stressing over it, Matthew Madeleine and William go on Friday to have their eyes screened. Am understandably nervous, and whilst I am sure nothing will be found I am still playing over the what ifs in my mind. BRB has already claimed one child, it can bloody well leave the others alone

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  1. Well Hanty Raychell was touched that Madeleine, who barely spoke to me today was so desperate to come!! She is a minx in the making that one!!!!