Sunday, 1 May 2011

Its been a lovely sunny day again. danny's mum and dad and sister came through.We all sat outside and munched on the yummy pies they brought. Madeleine stayed inside as she doesnt like Rhea, Dan's dad's guidedog. The dog is so obedient and does its job really well, but living in Manchester and not wanting to be easy prey to scummy yobs, Eddy (dan's dad) has a German Shepherd guide dog so no one will bother him. It stands taller than Madeleine so not surprised she is a little nervous. Eddy's blindness has nothing whatsoever to do with Harry's RB (retinablastoma).
Well it was a little on the breezy side and one sudden gust lifted the patio parasol clean out of its stand in the middle of the table and into the air. Was just like Mary Poppins lifting off. We all watched it go up then followed its progress through the air to where it came to rest - on top of Matthew. I so wish we'd filmed it... would have got £250 from You Been Framed. I could hardly lift it off him for laughing. He was not amused and stomped inside.
One more happy day til round 2 of awfulness starts ...

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  1. I am HUNTING for washing to do in this weather! I did the kitchen curtains yesterday but am NOT putting them back up - what a rebel!