Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding Day.
Matthew came home from school yesterday wearing his hand made crown (quite a good job too) waving his flag he had too made himself and his commemorative mug they had each been given. They had stuffed themselves at their lunchtime party, am hoping his class photo was taken before the festivities began. A few of his friends came out in tears as they had obviously ignored the advice ' hold tight to that box as your mug will break if you drop it'. Matthew's triumphant yells of 'my mug isnt broken' probably didnt make them feel much better. A few more mums sidled over to pass on their kind thoughts, its amazing how quickly chinese whispers get round. Its also horrid to know you're obviously topic of conversation when they either shut up as you approach or you get the looks over as they chat. Still i suppose the amount of offers of lifts to and from school and help with the others are very kind.  Am sure the chemo has had an effect as I swear blind (sorry about that phrase) Harry looked directly at me then gave me his bestest beaming smile. He does seem to be looking round more. Lets hope this next session means they can start laser/cryotherapy later in May.
Either William is making more sense now or my universal translator (start trek watchers) has finally recognised his language as he woke me this morning with 'mummy mummy MUMMY I need a cuddle'. I thought aw how sweet as I bleary eyed walked round to his cot to get him and give him said cuddle. But no, it was obviously a ploy just to get out of his cot. He is sat glugging a bottle of milk and watching Cbeebies singing along perfectly to the theme tunes. I think the makers of Cbeebies too had early wakers and put it together so they could have a lovley quiet brew. I am going to leave him watching it for a little longer as I get my ironing done. 3 cheers for cbeebies.

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