Thursday, 21 April 2011

Well the nurse came to flush out Harry's line and change his dressing. She was lovely and gentle, although he did cry a little when she peeled off the old plaster. She was dying to have a cuddle. He's a little pale today but temperature okay.
We had a lovely afternoon in the garden. Madeleine wouldnt get off the trampoline,she seems to generate static electricity from bouncing and we've all had a shock from her. She wouldnt go near anyone and as she can't get down by herself, she stayed on for about an hour. In the end danny (having had a few cans of beer) decided to climb on and get her, he got a shock as he lifted her up then a bigger shock when he realised how bouncy it is when you're trying to stand still and hold onto a 3yr old at the same time. A few stifled giggles from my end. We had yummy bbq for tea, and all the fresh air has knocked them all out and its only 8pm, danny included.
Happy Birthday to my nephew Callum who is 14 today
Why can I not think of anything funny to write, maybe tomorrow

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  1. Ha ha ha !!! I hope you managed to take photos off your electrostatic child!!!