Thursday, 7 April 2011

hmmm can't think of what to write now

Having been totally impressed by my sisters blog, I thought I'd start one to jot down the things that have happened in the day, good or bad. It seemed like a good idea but now I am wondering what to write.
I'll start with a little intro to us.
My name is Lisa, other half  Danny and we have 4 totally amazing kiddies. Matthew nearly 7 (and the nearly is absolutely important) Madeleine 3, William 20months and Harry 12wks. No I am not a Royalist, we just loved the names.
I am a stay at home mum, which in Danny's eyes equates to sitting on my bum doing nothing all day apart from the very FEW times he has done it alone and he didnt get time to do anything, but seriously without his working horrid 12  hour shifts I wouldnt be able to do it. Danny is a paramedic, has probably seen some sights, both horrid and funny, the daffodil being the latter (closed joke for those that know).
Matthew is my hilarious eldest. He is wordly wise and utters some absolute corkers, usually when you don't want him to. He has a bit of Kevin the Teenager in him and often when asked to tidy his room etc I get GODDDDD I have to do everyyyyything.
Madeleine is 3 and equally funny. She is a pretend shy runs a mile at the sight of a fly or spider (gets that from her dad) and her favourite hobby is going to Asda
William is 20mths and deliciously cute. He says bye bye see you soon to everybody and anybody, has waybuloo big eyes and can open any door or catch in seconds.
Harry is nearly 3months, has a lovely giggle and is waiting to be given a break.

There that sums us up for now. Will expand more as I go on.

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  1. Perfectly summed up! Madeleine's other favourite hobby is eating sweeties, obtaining sweeties and going to the shop to buy sweeties! I predict William will be a safe cracker when he grows up!