Saturday, 23 April 2011

day 10 following Harry's first chemo session. His blood count should now start to pick up so hopefully he'll stop looking pale. Its also getting close to the 2week boundary where he could start losing his hair, am hoping he'll be one of the few that doesnt.
Took him to his first visit to Williamson's Park. We met up with Rachel and Darren Chloe and Callum, Was lovely seeing my little ones playing with their big cousins. William saw his first baby ducks and walked his little leggies off. Matthew and Madeleine enjoyed their first outside icecream of the season and Rachel sat on a splodge of it, thank heavens for baby wipes, her black skirt needed them more than Madeleine's face.
Laughed at auditions for Britains Got Talent but thought the soooo obviously happy singer singing alternative nursery rhymes was brilliant. Didnt win the lottery and didnt get to be the first into my lovely newly changed line dried linen bed - Matthew was snoring his head off on my side

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  1. O how I love freshly line dried bed linen- if I win the lottery ( alas I too didn't) I will indulge us both in freshly line dried bed linen EVERY DAY!!!
    Wish we had taken a phot of the man with the horns!!