Wednesday, 20 April 2011

one week later ...

well that was one hell of a week. Harry has coped wonderfully with all those toxins running round his little body. He stopped taking his anti sick drugs and I no longer need to treat him as a leper when I change his nappies.
He has even started to laugh and gurgle again. What a sweetheart.
He will go back to Manchester on 3rd May for his next dose of chemo, then on 23rd May, down to Birmingham for a general anesthetic and hopefully his first treatment, then the day after back to Manchester for the next dose of chemo. Poor boy.
His macmillan nurse came today, she is lovery and uncannily like Danny's sister. She was probably wondering why I was staring. She thought all the cherubs were beautiful and so quiet. She should have come an hour sooner when Mads and Wills were fightin over the play hoover. Matthew gave his 'Kevin' grunt without lifting his head from the PSP (hand held gaming thingy). Am sure the afternoon yesterday with Callum rubbed off a little, he seems to give similar grunts too.
We had lunch yesterday at Hanty Raychels before going to Madeleine's heaven -asda. Why won't my tribe eat the very same butties at home but wolf them down at Raychels. On the way home Matthew declared that 'Hanty Raychel is the best hanty in the world cos she lets me stop instead of going to asda and she plants food in the garden'.
Got on the Wii and have lost 4lbs, not saying how many to go and I wouldnt recommend it but the stress over sick child diet is working a treat.

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  1. "He has even started to laugh and gurgle again." This melts my heart. I can't wait until you can laugh with your whole heart again, Mama.

    Hanty Rachel is my favorite hanty, too!