Tuesday, 26 April 2011

well back to school day came, and poor Madeleine had to stay at home as hers was 'closed due to unforseen circumstances'. Had the stomach wrenching task of reliving our nightmare to Matthew's headmistress and teacher, as the last time we saw them was the day before we went to Birmingham and they knew something may be wrong. Its actually quite horrid to see other peoples reaction to the news as they flounder wondering what to say. To look at him you would swear there's nothing wrong and sometimes its easy to forget when he's cooing and gugling away and then the phone rings and when its a witheld number you know its the hospital. This time we've got his blood count appointment for the 20thMay confirmed and then it all comes whooshing back. Am getting a little giddy on this rollercoaster now, only 5 more chemo sessions before it starts to slow down.
I'm thankful Matthew wears boots to school, as had he had shoes on his now very short long pants would look even more ludicrous. He grows in front of our eyes I swear. My clever little boy did some Mathletics on the computer when he came home. His teacher is so right, he justs works it out silently in his head and got every question right. I am such a meany mummy I made him do some reading too. He's way ahead at that too. So much so on the way to school this morning as we passed a road sign I noticed that someone had graffittied a swear word on it and at the same time Matthew too noticed it and pointed out such word. When I said 'no you must have been mistaken' he then went on to spell it and was almost triumphant in saying that he had read it correctly. Cue some 'don't you dare repeat that and definitely never at school'. He is not impressed that the royal wedding means that school is closed on Friday. I was chuffed thinking how cool was it that he loved working hard and then deflated rapidly when in fact he was annoyed that friday is scampi day.
William is mega cute. He just sings through his nursery rhyme repertoire and is beginning to get a touch of kevin in him as he now states no as noer. Laughed til my sides split when he whipped the potty away at the last minute as Madeleine was about to sit on it. She was not as amused however.
Six days til round two ...


  1. Hello! I have tootled over to have a nosy at your blog. (Rachradiostar told us to come and say hi on her blog - she used her 'scary teacher voice', so I thought I better had!)
    I hope Matthew's head and teacher were supportive.
    Sounds like you have your hands cut out with 4 small people!!!! I would be miffed if Friday was scampi day at my school too....

  2. I am laughing out loud!! WOT NO SCAMPI! How DARE the Royal family deprive my nephew of his favourite school dinner!!
    Bloody fairground rides should be banned! Bloody blood counts, bloody BRB, bloody hell!