Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Hospitals aargh

well its day 7 after round 2 and Harry is doing fine but we still had to spend the weekend in hospital. Why? because William decided to have a fit thats why.
To go back a few days, on Wednesday Madeleine decided to start being sick, she had a miserable day but seemed to perk up on Thursday, no more sickness and by Friday morning she seemed her normal little self so back to school she went. I went off to Asda, my usual Friday morning jaunt, and although a little quiet William seemed his normal little self. Came home and put the shopping away, collected Madeleine then without any warning William was sick, just once and still seemed his normal little self afterwards. No temperature nothing. He coughed a little phlegm and gunk through the night, but was still not acting ill. So Saturday morning dawned, all children presenting well (apart from me who'd succumbed to being sick later on the friday evening) but off we went to Matthew's swimming lesson. William chatted away, drank his pop and was fine. Got Matthew changed and I said 'lets go see nanna and grandad' and William repeated what I said then the next thing he was fitting and jerking in his pram. Ambulance came and off to hospital we went. He didnt come round till we approached the hospital. No temperature although he looked cherry red. He spent the day sleeping on the ward, still looking like he should have a raging fever but no temp. They decided to keep us in.
Next morning he woke as normal and seemed his normal little self. I went to the loo and commented to the nurse that all was well, Got back in the room and he all of a sudden started acting like he was high on dope. He alarmed the nurse too. He then started staggering round then rolling about in his cot. They said it was still a fit although not the jerking kind he'd had the day before. 20mins later, back to normal and eating toast. They started asking had we any history of epilepsy or fitting. OH MY GOD.
But then the weirdest thing happened, my friend came in with her little boy doing the same thing and her older little girl is in Matthew's class at school. Her little girl had been off school with the sickness bug, and then her little boy spent a day being sick, then the day later had a fit. The hospital commented it was too much of a coincidence and spoke with the doctors. They decided they had both had a reaction after coming into contact with the rotavirus. William seemed fine for the rest of the day and night, although not eating or drinking much, so Monday they said he could come home, but to return if he started being sick or diarrhea or fits of any kind. They also raised a concern that William had a large head and want to re measure in a couple of months to make sure its not linked, So off we went, clutching poo sample bottle to drop back in once he'd performed.
But why had Matthew not even had a smidge of feeling a little sickly. He'd obviously carried the bug home and passed it on. Thanks Matthew. God I hate hospitals. Harry pretty much smiled, gurgled and slept through the whole episode. The one downside of breastfeeding, where I go, he goes lol. Still he's so used to the smell of hospitals it must have been nice to be in one without being the one being treated. Amen.