Friday, 27 May 2011

I did mean to post yesterday, but anyway Happy Birthday to my first baby. Matthew is now 7. He got up and remarked how much bigger he was this morning now that he is 7. He called me mum as 7 year olds don't say mummy anymore as they are too old for that now. LOL. He got all sorts of cool presents, star wars lego bed, clothes toys and games and a cool chalk dart set off Hanty Raychel. He was most disappointed that it was raining as I absolutely forbade him to chuck it in the house. He had a star wars cake, and Madeleine ran away when we lit it as she is scared of candles. Funny girl. She soon came back when a slice was offered. She was a little upset yesterday, no not because she had no presents to open, but she couldnt go to school. I opted for 4 mornings (and then one full day from sept) as I thought it may be a bit too much. But no, she wants to go. You watch, come the time she has to go to school for real she will cling and cry and not want to go.
On a down side Dan has to return to work, his doc said he could go back as long as they didnt put him on shifts when Harry's doc appts were. Grr, the kids will miss him, I will miss him and we will just wait and see if they keep their promises and you can bet your bottom dollar they will again say one thing to your face then do another thing. Its bad enough dealing with his own shit at home and now going and dealing with other peoples, only dial 999 for real emergencies cos you time wasting scroats and tossers who abuse the ambulance service will be given short change now.

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  1. Hey word...paragraphs!!!
    Also, secretly that space from under your feet will will free as a daisy!
    One day at the mill then it's HALF TERM!