Wednesday, 1 February 2012

9 more sleeps ...

Only 9 more sleeps til we go to Birmingham again, its coming round fast, but something major is happening before we go, and its not about Harry.

This time 4 years ago, (having been worrying for the previous 2 weeks that I was carrying a supersize baby as the hospital was predicting my baby would be 10lb plus) I settled into my familiar sleeping place ie the settee cos i needed to be propped up. Snow was merrily falling, when pop my waters went. I will finish this tomorrow on Madeleine's actual birthday, but things were definitely moving this time 4 years ago.

Now, she's beside herself with excitement at turning 4. She's been counting the number of sleeps, and after I put her to bed, I could hear her giggling to herself. She seems to have grown up overnight. A beautiful little girl with angelic blonde hair and I love her to bits. I will write more tomorrow.

It will be a busy day tomnorrow, Danny will get home from night shift, Madeleine will open her cards etc, take Matthew to school then the Health Visitor is coming to check Harrys weight and length to see if he has grown any over the last month, I think he has but we'll wait and see. It will be reported back as they want to make sure his chemo drugs havent interfered with his growth. Lynne his VI teacher is coming again at lunchtime and all the while we've got to be as quiet as poss as Danny needs to sleep before he goes back on a nightshift again.
I got his MMR and booster Jabs appointment through the post today, Tuesday before he goes to Brum, hmm hope it doesnt make him too grumpy.

We got him a Fisher price Jumparoo, its like a baby walker crossed with a door bouncer. The seat unit spins 360 degrees with loads of activities to play with. At £90 he better like it.
Having spent the best part of a half hour constructing it, I held my breath as I put him in and ... success. He laughed so much he gave himself hiccups. He must have bounced for 20mins solid. Brilliant invention, wish I'd got one sooner. Its really to help him build some strength in his legs but at least he can have fun whilst he's doing it.

Harry's got a new Twitter follower, Sebastian from Dancing on Ice. Naturally we want him to win lol but what a really nice guy. See you tomorrow x

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