Thursday, 16 February 2012

Snot funny

I am officially sick of wiping runny noses, true I have a variety of clear through to green, but I am sick of wiping it.
Harry up to now seems to have avoided inhgaling the copious amounts of germs that have been sneezed and coughed and breathed over him by his unselfish brothers and sister, but alas he has started sneezing and developped a cough a 60 a day smoker would be proud of. Hope it doesnt turn into anything nastier, he's still not got 100% immune system. Close eye will be needed.

He had his MMR and booster jabs on thursday, and he barely flinched when they stuck their 4 needles in, he just murmured a little. Its sad when a baby is so used to needles. At least he should have a phobia when he's older. Some babies in my facebook chat group have suffered afterwards, Harry has been like the other 3, completely OK and makes you wonder if it wasnt just water in the syringes lol.

Marlene from Rainbow Trust is coming today, looking forward to the quiet hour as she entertains the other 3, although 3 lots of paintbrushes fills me with a little dread, but she assures me she will clear it all up. Hope she doesnt need kitchen roll, this was all exhaused as nose wipes last week and I forgot to replace it.

If you have a moment, please read my sisters blog it will have you laughing hysterically, I am going to try and add it as a link on my homepage.

And lastly, here's an updated pic of Harry, look closely and you'll see his dracula fangs, keep your fingers away cos he will bite..


  1. He bites then laughs with evil laughter muuuhahshaha! It is really funny!! Unless you are the bitee! He grabs your finger and whilst you think aww how cute, he's holding my finger, he sneaks it into his mouth! The chuckle is almost worth the pain!!
    And yes - go read my blog! Even if it doesn't make you laugh!!

  2. I hope his cold clears up soon.