Sunday, 12 February 2012

A quiet day really, literally. Danny on nights at the min so needs to sleep through the day. Can be quite a challenge keeping 4 little ones quiet. They were all good.
A mum contacted me on twitter worried about her baby who has a squint and that her doctor won't take her seriously. I understand how she feels, I've met a few mums who went through this whose baby's actually lost an eye due to referrals being made too late and them not being listened to.
I assured her that the cancer is rare, but if she is really worried she should push for the referral. Peace of mind is better than torturing yourself, and how can a GP know its nothing wrong unless they're qualified in the diagnosis of RB! She feels somthing isnt right so is going to make an appt with a diff doc and ask for the referral.
I suppose I was really lucky, my GP is also a family friend so I found it easy to bring up the problem with Harry's eyes. She referred him and pushed the eye dept til they contacted me. Harry's cancer was very severe, some babies with Bilateral are diagnosed a little later than Harry was (unless its known to run in the family then picked up at Birth)and at 3mths old Harrys was stage D. Stage E usually results in removal of the eye, so Harry has quite an aggressive strain. I can only shudder at the thought of us not getting that quick referral. What if they'd left it a few more weeks???? But I always say, you cannot live in the land of ifs and buts. We are where we are and have to deal with it.
I wish Louise lots of luck and hope she stays in touch.
Half term starts now, not planned anything really, Harry has his MMR jabs on Tuesday and Marlene from Rainbow Trust is coming on Thursday and I've arranged to go to a soft play on Friday, but can't remember who with. Doh!

Harry has been practising hard with his mobility. Trying to encourage him as the physio advised. Looking at him its easy to forget he is actually 13mths old. The hardest thing is stopping the others 'helping' him. He has no need to crawl to get things when they are brought to him.

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  1. Hopefully I am following you again now! Bloody Blogger - I love half term! Not much planned so pop round anytime xxx