Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy Leap Year

It will be 4 yrs before I can write on this date, must be a bit weird if your birthday is 29th Feb.

Can't believe its been so long since I last wrote, I must have been so busy being a mum that I didnt notice the time fly by. Busy listening to Madeleine complaining every day she has tummy ache,think I should prob get it checked out (and for those who know her she has hardly eaten sweeties for ages)so it will probably be an allergy to snacking on fruit and not sweets lol. Am wondering if she has developed an intolerance to something, but she quite often complains her leg hurts too, tho I must confess I had to snigger whilst listening to her and Matthew at the dinner table as she gravely told him she had tummy leg ache, and when he queried she explained her tummy ache had fallen into her leg. snigger snigger.
I am not going to Web Doctor it, prob nothing but growing pains but am irked I have to take another cherub to the docs with a complaint.
She is so bluntly funny, not wetting the bed at night is cause she can keep her wee in her bum and having a trump lets you know a poo is about to come out of your bottom. HAR HAR

On a sad note, a little girl we're friends with on Facebook was diagnosed with Unilateral Retinoblastoma, but despite treatment its been decided removal is the best way forward. My heart goes out to her and her family, and I wish Lillia massive love and luck for Wednesday. I've also made a new friend, Naomi who's little girl Macey had just been diagnosed with BRB, she's 11mths old. Unfortunately diagnosis came too late to save one of her eyes and maybe one day our paths will cross in Birmingham.
In my lasp post, I'd mentioned a girl frantic with worry over her little boy,and thankfully his squint is just that. I know you should never live in the land of ifs and buts, but I am scared that Harry may lose an eye, his left is squinting more than ever, but it will take a shot at every scrap of treatment before I will let it happen.
We're back in Birmingham on 11/12 March, which will make it nearer 5wks since his last visit, but am gong on my own. Hopefully I will meet up with my twitfriend Rachel who lives 10mins from the hospital. Will miss my sis Rachel, we always end up having a laugh and it helps makes the trip less awful.Am being positive, we will get more of the news we had last time.

ANd finally, no repeat performance from William, phew thank goodness. Little old ladies can rest back in ease again.

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  1. All your children are lovely, its what makes us keep going I think. Love hearing about the funny things they say.