Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Happy Pancake Day

Well the kids pestered for pancakes, so I dutifully made them, and surprise surprise none were eaten. I told them they didnt like them, and yes mummy was right. As always.

Well I went to Asda yesterday, and took my mum. She only needed a few bits so she took William to the cafe while I finished off. I think he got a little bored waiting, as when I got there to drink my tea, he was ready for off. He kept standing up on the seat, and for the umpteenth time mum told him to sit down. In is clearest voice he shouted f@@@ off. I splurted a full mouthful of tea everywhere. I was shocked, heaven knows where he';s picked that up from, and in my sternest voice I had to tell him off and say we dont say those words. Thankfully he's never said them since, and I I laugh when I look back, kids eh??

I got a letter through from Manchester this morning advising Harry was due in theatre on 23 March with a Mr Bowen. A little confused I rang querying it, thinking they'd made a mistake. No there was no mistake, it was in fact to have his Hickman Line removed. Astounding that they fully expected him to still have in place despite finishing chemo in September, He would have still been having weekly line flushes, what a waste of resources. Thankfully Harry had it removed in October when he developed his second bout of Septicaemia. The secretary apologised their records hadnt been updated but confirmed this time span was about normal. Harry's community nurse had said she would engineer it that t would be removed early, saying it was blocked when she flushed it as its a health risk having it there, especially when its not needed.

Harrys next appointment for Birmingham came through, they've left it 5 weeks so they can avoid easter making it a six week run for his next after that. Thats fine, but they state 3 weeks is necessary to keep on top of new growth for the laser so am a little anxious now that its giving those nasty little tumors too much time to grow.

Fantastic news also for Harry's friend Corey Ashcroft who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at the same time Harry was diagnosed. He's currently in America having received immunotherapy which is not available in the UK. His parents have been told he's in complete remission, which is amazing as its one of the most aggressive cancers, praying and hoping it stays that way and they can all come home.

Its been 12mths since Harry went for his 9week baby check and we pointed out his rolling eyes to the doctor. What a year, and I still thank my lucky stars we have a fantastic GP who referred Harry quickly, I am in contact with a worried mum on twitter who's doc thinks she's neurotic and wont refer her baby who has a squint. What harm would it do even if it just gives peace of mind, but it may just save that baby's eye/life if it turns out to be something more sinister, why wont docs listen to mums, mums are usually right.

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