Thursday, 2 February 2012

Happy Birthday Madeleine

My dear sweet little Madeleine is 4 today. I cannot believe how quick the 4 years have gone. It only seems like yesterday when she made her appearance into the world...

Due to Matthew being born early, all my appointments whilst pregnant with Madeleine were at the hospital incase she came early. She did, but only by 2 weeks although I was adamant she was actually due the day she was born. Anyway, like with Matthew I wa carrying a lot of water and my bump seemed quite big. Well as I'm only 5'2" there is only one way for a bump to go and thats outwards. The midwives were certain the baby was big, so I was given a diabetes test which was negative They did a growth scan at 36wks, and using their measurements of head and abdomen circumference they deduced she was over 9.5b then and would be 10lb plus born. I was booked in to be induced on my (their) due date so to avoid her getting any bigger.
I only ever measured 1cm bigger than my date, but at 37+5 I saw an obstetrician who gave me the roughest internal EVER, which probably made things happen, cos on 1st February 2008 whilst propped on the settee in my usual sleeping position, watching Jonathan Ross whilst the snow fell, my waters broke. Standing on the bottom step, yelling for Danny whilst my feet were getting wet, yuk sorry) he appeared with a 'you must be bloody joking, its snowing' well its either you get me to hospital or you deliver it yourself.
We got there, and having been accused of simply wetting myself they were going to send me home.
Now this was close to midnight, and I proclaimed Danny couldnt possibly drag poor Matthew out again and could I stay the night. Okay, we'll just do a quick internal before we send you up to the ward. And guess what, no shit, ooh yes you're waters have gone. I TOLD YOU SEVERAL TIMES I HAD NOT PEED MY PANTS, but not only that I was about 5cm dilated. What, what happened to contractions.??? Well, on cue and cos they'd been mentioned they hit me like a sledgehammer. Only pain relief available was gas and air.
We better get Danny back, said lovely midwife. Unbeknown to me she told him he needed to come asap and NO he didnt have time to take Matthew to my mums, my mum would have to meet him at the hospital. He landed and poor Matthew was handed to a midwife and he was bundled in. Not long after Madeleine was born. It didnt take too many pushes, but when she was born the room was eerily silent. She'd been born with the cord round her neck and was rushed over to be resuscitated. That had to be the longest 2mins of my life, but they worked their miracles and she started crying, so did mummy and daddy.
Our beautiful darling Madeleine elizabeth was okay, and weighed in at 7lb 15oz. What happened to the massive whopper I was supposed to have, well she was tiny, the midwife didnt believe she was as heavy as she actually was. She did have a little round belly (she still has it) so that must have weighed her in.
We had to stay in for a few days to make sure she was okay. Madeleine was the easiest happiest baby, she hated being cuddled to sleep and would cry to be put down. She is still to date the easiest to get to bed, and I love her to bits.

Well she had a lovely birthday, got some lovely gifts and cards, and made my heart break when she declared she would share her balloons and cake with her brothers, completely selfless child. I think her favourite present was Hanty Raychels, especially as it contained pink smarties.
It was a busy day, it kicked off with the health visitor coming to check over Harry. He weighs a smidge over 9kg, a little lighter than when in Birmingham last and is still just under the 25th centile line, so it looks like thats where he's going to stay. Am hoping the hosp will be pleased when he goes for his review (not to Birmingham, but to Lancaster and Manchester)Lynne his VI teacher also came. She's pleased we've implemented the play plan she gave us, although most of it is common sense and what we're doing anyway, but its somethims easy to forget to do the running commentary whilst he's doing something, like waving a noisy rattle saying 'Harry, shakey shakey' or 'Harry youre quiet are you listening' she commented his left eye seems to be turning in more and we should mention it when we go to Birmingham next week. Less than a week to go, I know not to build my hopes up too high, but as my newly found motto says 'Dum Spiro, Spero' While I breathe, I hope.


  1. A very happy birthday to Madeleine =)
    {Also, accusing you of peeing your pants? So not right!}

  2. Nice to have found you, have a great weekend.

    1. They told me their test did not tell them my water broke. I think their test broke! All the best with everything. We have had our share of C when I was pregnant, my fiance had it. He is a proud and c free papa. Hugs to you...