Sunday, 29 January 2012

12 more sleeps ...

Less than 2 weeks til we go to Birmingham, still not unpacked from the last trip, actually I keep the bag pretty much ready all the time. Habit from his time on chemo, when a temp meant we had to go to hospital at the drop of a hat.
Am frantically trying to keep him cold and bug free, not easy when William is coughing and spluttering everywhere and has a never ending green stream running from his nose... sorry if tmi.
I dont think it would stop him having his anaesthetic, they wouldnt let his birthday and christenbing stop him, time is too precious and a smidge would mean the tumors could grow beyond the limit of the laser.
A few people have commented saying 'hope his left eye is ok like his right is now' At his last visit, his right eye had nothing new but that doesnt mean that will be the case this time. Am hoping it will be, but am going expecting lots of growth so anything less will be a bonus.

He seems to have grown a little, he's filling his 6-9mths clothes a bit more and he's cut one of his top front teeth. Better keep the fingers away now. He's sitting for longer now too, still not mastered crawling, but theres all the time in the world for this.

Danny took my car to work this morning, so as it left me stranded I decided to do my ironing, well the kids ironing. My tumble drier is doing my head in. The dial broke off some time ago but you could turn the metal spindle with some pliers, this is now being temperamental and it often only turns a little so the drier goes off regularly. Grr, its even more grr as its in the garage. Roll on spring where I can line dry again, 4 kids equals too much laundry for my airer and radiators.

One bit of good news, Rachel has rigged her staggered return to work hours so she can come to Birmingham again, makes the trip so much more fun and now we've discovered the BullRing stays open til late we dont need to leg it in, find somewhere a zillion times cheaper than the hotel to eat before 5pm. I wonder what I'll forget this time

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