Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Just William

Todays post is about my sweet William. He's so funny. Yesterday, I popped him in the high chair whilst I was making tea and he and Madeleine were colouring. I was uhming and ahing to his little banter not really paying too much attention (yes you can shoot me) till 3 words suddenly shouted out in my head 'what a mess'.
Now this snapped me back with a jolt and I turned round and saw ..

Not only had he painted his face, his hands were both completely covered. I hope to god thats crayola washable markers I thought. 'What have you done?' I asked. He replied 'Madeleine did it'. She looked horrified. No William (and pardon the pun) I've caught you red handed. It was actually quite funny and thankfully Madeleine had given him a crayola washable marker as it washes off, well it took a little scrubbing but it did indeed all come off.

Seeing as we're on the topic of William, I'm trying to stop him having a nap through the day, especially if he hasnt nodded off by 1pm, as it affects his bedtime. I can usually keep him going til Night Garden time on Ceebeebies, but not the other day. Was too cute not to, but here's a pic of him.

And just to finish off with an uber cute picture, dear sweet little cheeky William, dont ever change x

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