Friday, 18 November 2011

Only 9 more sleeps ....

Only 9 more sleeps til we go to Brum. I don't know why but I've got an awful feeling we won't get the best news. He had 6 new seedling tumours last time, and yet according to the letter they sent last week outlining his last appointment, they yet again dropped more on us than they'd told us about, mainly a patch in his left eye that needs very close monitoring. He's only doing 'quite well' which doesnt fill me with confidence that we will get an all clear visit with no new growth. So I am dreading going, am scared of going and I HATE BRB with the utmost loathing. It is mean and nasty and my poor sweet innocent darling baby does not deserve it.

On a nicer note, I picked up his photos from his portrait sitting. They are sooooo cute and the photographer did really well to avoid Harry's wandering eyes. I will scan them and post them soon.

I should count my blessings, I came across a lovely family who just said goodbye to their baby girl Estella who sadly lost her battle with type 1 SMA (Spinal muscular atrophy). She was only 8months old. Sweet innocent children do not deserve to suffer with these awful diseases and illnesses. Leave our children alone!!

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  1. You and the little one are in my thoughts and prayers and can't wait to see the images. When I first found your blog it was the top image that made me sit there and just stare in awe at such a preciously handsome baby. :)