Monday, 21 November 2011

6 more sleeps ...

Me and my teddy bear.... ah bless.
If you look closely you can see his blonde hair growing back.

He's trying his hardest to get up on his hands and knees. He just doesnt have quite enough upper body strength yet. Sodding chemo, it really knocked the wind out of his sails. Its like time stood still and now he's playing catch up. Keep trying Harry, you'll soon be off.

Looked at Madeleine today and thought 'where has this little girl come from' She seems to have grown up overnight. SHe loves her pre-school. She has almost cracked writing her name, and its not exactly a short one. She asked if she could come to Birmingham this time, only to see if they have a play room at Birmingham hospital like they do here. She soon changed her mind when she realised she can sleep in Matthew's bed, as he's already claimed my spot. It makes it a little easier to go knowing they're happy here. It would be awful if they cried, its bad enough going as it is.

6 more sleeps to B day (Birmingham day). I had a quick look on the webpage for the Childrens Eye Cancer Charity, and scarec myself with the some of the life stories on there. They're supposed to help, but each one had tales of eye removals and blindness. Where are the happy ever after stories? or are there none. BRB leave Harry alone.

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  1. <3 Harry will be the happy ever after story on the webpage. Big hug to u all. Harry is such a cutie xx