Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Its still dark

Harry been awake and giggling since 4.40am. WOuldnt have minded the early wake up call had his biggest brother not woken me 3 TIMES through the night with a bad dream. Grr. Day of tiredness to follow.

Harry's appointment letter came through yesterday, good job I rang them to check what day we were going to Birmingham as 5 days is not enough notice. Its okay for them, they can just assusme that everyone can just drop everything and run at the drop of a hat. That reminds me, need to ring the transport people to check they have us booked down. I am certainly not driving all that way and especially not in the Brum centre, its a nightmare. Don't think even the best sat nav's could deal with Brum centre.

William was deliciously cute yesterday too, he trotted after me all day and said 'Love you mummy' constantly. He made the checkout lady in Asda laugh as he was trying to move Harry's legs away from him (they were touching him ever so slightly) and saying 'stop it Harry' then to me in that telltale whiny voice kids do ' mummy, Harry leggy touching me'

Matthew and Madeleine now know I'm going to Brum this week, they've already booked their spots in different beds. Daddy's cool cos he lets us stay up late and eat sweeties. I must be such a cruel mummy lol.

Oh, well, coffee pot calling me. Going to have a look into the Family Fund - recommended by one of his consultants. Its for families with disabled children or children with life threatening illnesses. It's easy to forget (thats a lie its not) but when you've got such a busy daily schedule with all 4 children Harry's illness becomes part of it. Its still hard to bear when you're reminded that he has a life threatening illness. Bloody BRB.

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