Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Its 5 am and .....

1) William is wide awake, so get up and ..
2) Everyone else is still asleep
3) I get the laptop all to myself without someone asking to play cbeebies
4) I actually get to drink a HOT coffee
5) Must get my dressing gown cos it's cold and the heating hasnt come on yet
6) I get to drink another hot coffee.
7) scratch number 6, Harry is stirring.

I know my Monday post seemed full of doom and gloom but I wasnt really in the mood to be jolly. Life has to go on and I still have to be a mummy and house wife, so lets get on with it.
On a plus note, Harry has gained some more weight. He's still only the size of an average 6mth old but he's gaining nonetheless. This means he's building up his strenght too. He's doing his bestest to crawl, and can actually go backwards in a fashion. Sitting up for a few minutes, but he loves being on his feet so thinks he can just fling himself back and get onto his feet. The others think its funny, well William doesnt when he gets hold of any of his toys. The sideways stern look is hilarious as he emphatically states 'thats mine'. It whizzes me back to when he was doing it to Madeleine's stuff and she threw the same look and comments.

Got the Visual Impairment team coming tomorrow. Will probably be armed to the teeth with info and stuff. Let you know what they say.

Matthew off school today due to the Public Sector Worker strikes. The annoying thing it goes down as an absence on is record (although coded not his fault) but I do agree with the reason behind the strike as it affects Danny too. Just hope to god you don't need an ambulance today, cos they are on strike too.

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