Monday, 7 November 2011

Harry went to see his consultant at Lancaaster today. She was lovely and he obliged with lots of gurgles and smiles. He's put on a little more weight and now tips the scales at 7.64kg (16lb 12oz) and is 70cm long.
He's still betwen the 2nd and 9th centile so short and light for his age but what the hey he's gaining. Bit by bit he'll get there. She will see him in 4m to see how he's getting on and has referred him to the physio as she thinks his poor eyesight will hinder his being able to sit independantly as he will struggle to see for balance and also where to counter balance. So yet more interferers. I did say he will prob do it in his own time, after all he's been really ill, but it will be the same physio that Matthew was under as a baby so she's really nice. She cn come for a coffee. She warned me to keep him well away from measles and chicken pox and he still has direct access to the ward.
Trying some new more lumpy food at the mo, and he doesnt like shepherds pie. Can't blame him really. I have distinct memories of my mums shepherds pie when I was young, and the watery grey mince and stodgy mash still turns my stomach. I have never made it for any of my children (Harry's was a lazy shop bought one) and his expression will mean I never will.
Big sis has her gall baldderectomy on Wednesday, hopefully just by keyhole. Sending big hugs her way xxx

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