Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Got the registration pack to add Harry to our local county council blind register so he can start to get any help he will need. We had a little snigger at the accompanying letter. It was on 6 A4 pages in mega sized font, (in normal font would have been half a page), erm we can see fine, but the final paragraph, 'if you need us to send this letter on audio tape please let us know' cracked us up.  If we cannot see, how would we know what it said to request such tape.
Life is shit, but we have to laugh sometimes, there is little to smile about Harry's condition.

Hanty Raychel is a bit nervous now, she has her Gall Bladder taken out tomorrow, hopefully just by keyhole. I must remember to remain solemn when I visit so not to cause tension on her stitches from laughing. As a real treat I took her to Asda with me. She (as she always does on each visit) assured me she just needed a couple of bits. I never believe this as yet again she spent £50 and filled 6 bags. Good job twin pram wasnt in the car.
Dan's on 3 night shifts now, so got the TV, bed and settees to myself. I will no doubt waste all three by falling asleep on the settee as I am tired. Gonna make some fruity toast now. Yum yum, bye bye

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  1. I laughed out loud at the bags quip! Damn you Asda for stealing my wages and damn you sister for tempting me there! I'm just hoping tomorrow goes quickly!