Friday, 25 November 2011

2 more sleeps. aargh, its getting too close. Please give harry a break.

He met Santa tonight at Matthews school fair. They decorated the school and its all twinkly and christmassy. Matthew took harry in with him and I tried to get a pic but it rdidnt turn. Out. Childish I know but I wished with all my heart for good news on mon morn. Matthew wished for a laptop, an xboxx, a nintendo 3ds and an ipod. God loves a tryer. Madeleine point blank refused to go in.
Whilst waiting in the queue I overheard some chitchat mainly 'is that the baby with cancer' excuse me but that is a he and he does have a name. Gonna make a. Placard for the pram.

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  1. Grrrrr fooking people and their awful comments - next time I will come with you and I will say ooooo is that the one with the bratty kids/having an affair/ varicose veins/etc etc