Sunday, 13 November 2011

Latest piccie of the angels. Cannot believe how grown up Madeleine looks.

Harry's hair grows really fast now, he's got a lovely soft shadow of blonde hair. He's trying to get on his hands and knees too. Once he's off that will be a good test of what he can see as lots of bumped heads equals not seeing what he's crawling into. Do they do cycle helmets in diddy size?.

Matthew completely cracked me up yesterday with his biology lesson. He exclaimed that daddy made Madeleine and ,mummy made him, as Madeleine has a fat tummy just like daddy and his was thin like mummy's. I kissed him for the compliment and am still sniggering at the daddy comment. Needless to say he didnt find it as funny.

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  1. You can get little head guards for babies, like mini boxer cradle ones. Ask the physio teams x I think I spy one of my Christmas presents!