Saturday, 11 June 2011

Well the inevitable happened and Harry is now '2 tubes Harry'. Having failed to gain weight and now a whole kilo lighter the docs decided enough is enough and of we went to Manchester for a feeding tube to be stuffed up his nose. He was soooooooooo good and only murmured a little when they put it in. I am wondering how before Harry pulls it out. He's already had a tug on it and had the end in his mouth. hmm, they did say they could train me to put it in, and I am imagining the community nurses will get narked coming every other day to replace it if he does.

They also checked his blood count, and the results came just as we were on the brink of going home. His HB levels are way too low at 7.8, it has to be a minimum 10 for chemo and 8 is the cut off where they give transfusions. The doc must have seen the look on my face (I don'tbeleiveitwearegoingtohavetostayffsffs look) and said maybe its because he's at day 10 after chemo and it may come back up of its own accord but if he gets paler (he's already an albino) and more tired and less willing to feed then ring and back in we go. Excuse me but he is deathly white very sleepy and not feeding hence the tube anyway so how could he possibly get worse.

So he officially looks like a sick child now, people will now peer in at him and know there is something wrong wheras before only those that knew about his condition knew.

I was greeted with 3 uber excited children. William had spent all day looking for me, and calling 'wheres mummy gon' in his uber cute little voice. Madeleine has been trodden on umpteen times as she trails behind me wherever I go. I think they are getting a little pissed off now. Its not their fault, bloody BRB, eff off back to where you came from and leave us alone.

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  1. awwww made me teary again! yes EFF of BRB and don't come back xx