Wednesday, 15 June 2011

2 steps back down the ladder

I mentioned Harry's Haemoglobin level was 7.8, this it was is making him look paler than normal and anaemic. Well the community nurse came to do a line flush and commented that he looked pale, so she rang Manchester and they said ' bob along to Lancaster and have a blood count test done'. So along I bobbed wi William and Madeleine in tow for our usual heel prick test and dutifully reported to the desk in childrens ward. We were shown to a side room and then they proceded to go through the q&a they usually do pre-admission. A little puzzled I answered the questions and awaited the doc to do the blood test. 4 effing hours later I had had enough of waiting for the results so proceded to go home. The staff all looked horrified and no you can't go till we get results in case he needs treatment. Excuse me but I had only come for the usual heel prick test. Reluctantly they said ok, we will ring you when the results are back.

I got back and we had barbecue for tea. Yummy yum yum. Got kids ready for bed, and as I'd had no phonecall I assumed all was okay. God Lisa, you should know by now that that is never the case.

The consultant in Lancaster rang at 8pm, they had the results and had reported them back to Manchester and his Hb level had actually fallen to 7.6, and that bloody neutrophil count (the one that delayed round 3) was only 0.1, but his platelets werent too bad at 81. Something to cheer about, not. Anyway the long and short was that he needs a blood transfusion. The lovely doc (and I will give her a hug when I see her) argued wi Manchester and got them to send his blood to Lancaster as 'she has other small children and can do without trekking back to Manchester'. We have to be in for 9-10am the next day and will be done by tea time.

I look at him, and he is so tiny and little. My friends on facebook (we have a page for our babies born in Jan and have made loads of friends) keep putting pics of their babies on and tales of them rolling and sitting up and they all look deliciously chubby and cuddly, just like my 3 older ones were. Harry seems like a newborn in comparison. This awful nasty condition is robbing him of his right to be a baby, and yet he still smiles and laughs despite of what he is going through. I havent cried in a long while but I think tears are justified now.


  1. Awww did yo read my post last night? I thought I'd pulled it together....till I read this. Fucking Cancer. xx See you later

  2. I just learned about your story from a twitter friend. I can't even begin to imagine going through this. I'm so sorry for your little boy. I'm sending prayers. Cancer sucks. (((hugs)))

  3. Thanks Brandie, sending prayers and hugs back xx