Thursday, 2 June 2011

Day 2 after round 3 and Harry has already puked up almost a full dose of his anti sickness drugs. Obviously not doing what it says on the tin there then. He is so completely unimpressed by the supplement feed we have to try and get into him. He hasnt really had a bottle before, and is probably unlikely to after this. I resorted to squeezing it into his mouth and all he did was choke and scream some more and spat up all I'd got into him. The dietician rang to ask how were getting on, and wasnt surprised really. She is going to get the Health Visitor to come and weigh him early next week and see what he is and then decide what to do. Feeding tube is sounding more likely so we can just pour the stuff in, that way I can still feed him and he hasnt the trauma of being forced to drink something he doesnt want to. I had to laugh at him though as he clamped his mouth shut so tight it looked like he was doing a squeezy lemon.

I went to the hairdressers yesterday to get my hair tidied up, and one radical cut later, my long lanky curls have been replaced by a collar brushing thick looking bob. Fantastic. Well until I try to dry it like she did lol. Got Madeleine's cut into a bob too. She looks uber cute and mischeivous now. Can't bear to cut Williams so I left him with Rachel. She made him walk 20miles to feed the ducks, and he had a 2 hour nap and still went to bed on time. He is still chattering about the duck ducks. Think she was a little disappointed when I went to collect him as he'd just settled down to have a snuggy with her. Aw next time.

Have just eaten a tube of the new Dairy Milk Chocos. Heaven, They are like Rolos but without the caramel. Now wish I'd bought 2 as I am wanting more. Wisely, I waited till the angels were in bed and Dan at work till I opened them. Yummy yum yum. They are definitely grown up chocolates.. I must mail a tube to Eryn in America as it will blow their weird chocolate out of the water. Thats if I don't eat them first lol.

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  1. MMM they are delicious. The new flakes are too! I din't MAKE him walk 20 miles...he WANTED to!! AWw I am glad he took notice of our walk. Has he mentioned the bridges or buttercups yet? I'm sending a food parcel over soon - I'll pop some in!!