Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Today was weigh-in day for Harry and Madeleine's pre-school jabs. I refrained from tellin her that until we were sitting in the waiting room at the surgery. She just looked a little wide eyed but took it in her stride. So in we walked, both health visitors armed with needles and 1-2-3 in they went, no warning or nothing. Madeleine cried a little but soon stopped as she emptied the sheet of bravery stickers onto her teeshirt. I then asked her to put her cardi on when she stopped, looked alarmed and said ' no, I don't want to move my arms' and so for the next hour or so she walked round like a robot with her elbows seemingly stapled to her ribcage. It was so funny, I am still chuckling at it now, and its 9pm. She then declared she couldnt possibly go to school with hurty arms.

Well, I then had Harry weighed. Praying he was still above 6kg as he had just scraped through in Manchester 7 days ago, I popped him on the scales. And no, I was to be disappointed. He was back to 5.8kg again under 13lb in old money. They dutifully rang the weight through to Manchester, so I now await their thoughts. The dreaded tube looking a little more likely. I desperately tried pouring that goo down him, only to be rewarded with a t-shirt covered back with it. As they say you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Grr come on Harry, havent I got enough to deal with.

Dan back on his first night shift since Harry's diagnosis. He wasnt looking forward to it, I must admit the thought of having the bed to myself fills me with absolute delight har har. Poor Dan. We had a laugh at William, Singing the theme music to Star Wars note perfect. He is deliciously funny.

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