Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Going to Manchester for more chemo today. Will update later, but they better not delay or send up out of date drugs today. Am being collected by hospital transport, they said be ready from 7.30am, which means it will rpob be 9am before they turn up.

Thought we had a huge bang of thunder last night, but it was only Madeleine falling out of bed. Picked her up and poor thing was trying to cry whilst falling asleep, Couldnt see any bumps in the darkness, will soon see when she gets up..Her bed is huge compared to her, it buts up against the wall but no she has to sleep as close to the edge on the open side as she can. Its a wonder she doesnt fall out every night. We never fell out of bed when we were little. Duvets were new expensive things so we had sheets and blankets and mum made the beds so tightly you couldnt actually breathe. Those pink fleecy flanelette sheets were very snuggy.

Will update later with Harry's day.

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