Sunday, 26 June 2011

A glimmer of sunshine ....

Well despite Harry's through the floor blood count last week, we had it re-checked to see if he was well enough to go to Birmingham for his Gen Anaesthetic and laser treatment and unbelievably it was back up to normal levels. Back to the level where I know he will be okay to have chemo number for on Tuesday.

Anyway down to birmingham we went and I took my little starving babba into theatre and cradled him as they put him to sleep. It doesnt get any easier seeing him surrounded by tubes and machines, he looks even tiner than he is. 40mins later and the consultant came to see us. Great fantastic news, his tumours have shrunk even more and his left retina is now re-attached. They did laser therapy on each eye and were pleased how Harry is doing. He still has millions of visits to Birmingham long after chemo has stopped but hey, the tumours are not resisting the chemo and no new ones seem to have grown.

Second bit of good news. Harry had a vision test before they put the nasty stinging eye drops in and he can deffo see. Not sure to what extent but he can deffo see. I knew this, he is looking and smiling at me without me needing to make a sound to let him know I was near. He is grabbing his toys and marvelling at his little hands, but having it in black and white makes it more brilliant.

Knowing how shit Harry will feel after Tuesday, I still cannot wait for Tuesday to come, It will be one less chemo for him to have, but more importantly it will continue to zap those horrid lumps of awfulness from his eyes. AM hoping he will have gained some more weight but not expecting they will take his feeding tube out yet.

Anyway, as I've mentioned life still goes on around us, and I have to wish my older sister a very happy birthday. She has reached 40, and said if felt no different to being 39 years, 51 weeks and 6 days old. She is so gonna have to change her blog name as yes Rachel, you have finally run out of your thirties. I still have a few years to go and am still taller.


  1. I did indeed change the name of my blog
    * so bloody creative*

    Harry was the star at my 'do' and stole the show!
    It's amazing how we wish him to Manchester to get pumped full of toxins...but we know wat the end game is in this battle that we cannot lose xxxx

  2. Fantastic news about Harry - chuffed to bits for you all.

  3. That is really wonderful news!!! (the bit about Harry, although the still being in your 30s and taller is good news too)

    Really pleased for you all. xx