Monday, 6 June 2011

I need to buy shares in Sudocrem. Those evil nasty chemo drugs have taken the skin off my poor wee man's bottom, no wonder he cries when he poos. I am going to ask if i can get it on prescription. Still not having that gunky milk either. MA and Pa in-law came yesterday and to Madeleine's relief they left Rhea the doggy at home. Was nice to see them and the kids had a whale of a time,

Back to school today for Matthew. I hve just realised he left is wtaerproof jacket at his friends house. grr I hope they realise and return it as Matthew will get wet. Madeleine back tomorrow, except she has her booster jabs at 9.30 so don't know if she will want to go afterwards. She has no idea yet, I will tell her once we're in the room and will be prepared with her favourite sweeties for the immediate aftermath. When Matthew had his, they did 1-2-3 into both arms and he didnt even murmur. No doubt Madeleine the drama queen will yell non-stop probably for the best part of the week lol.

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