Thursday, 29 December 2011

Where did Christmas go ...

OK, our lounge resembles Toysrus still and the kitchen is still unrecognisable, but we have had a lovely christmas.

For the first time in years Danny actually had the whole of Christmas off, ok he's working the New Year but we don't do anything special for that.

The kids were unbelievably giddy on Xmas eve, but unsurprisingly were easy to get to bed. I half expected Matthew appearing first, but it was Harry who got up first. He must have been really excited lol, it was only 5am. Not long after tho, Matthew did appear saying he had a really bad cough which woke him up, needless to say it miraculously disappeared the minute he got into the lounge. william followed not much later with a bleary eyed daddy, and poor Madeleine was woken up, she's a girl after my own heart and loves her bed. I never get to be in it as long as I wish, but never mind.
What took Santa over an hour to bring down and arrange into according piles took about 20mins to be opened and the first chocolate consumed. I was a little worried we hadnt got them enough, but by the time everyone elses gifts were added to their piles, I looked around in horror thinking 'omg where am I going to put all this stuff'

THe kid loved their presents, although William seemed a little bewildered and was actually playing with his toys as he opened them, Madeleine was obviously impatient, as having opened hers and Harry's decided williams needed opening too. She will be an expert gift unwrapper lol.

Well, they have spent most of the time playing with each others presents and actually having the nerve to dig out some old battered things. I started the clear out in Matthews bedroom. He has a new Xbox, so was persuaded to store some old broken things in black bags and be put away. Put away in the bin more like. 2 black bags later and his room has a little more room, including a second drawer for his star wars lego collection, which is growing rapidly. My fingers are still hurting from building it, we both set off doing it, then after a bit I realised he had sneaked off, but like the silly muggins I am I finished them off.

Harry has cut a third tooth, which probably explains the grizzling. Am hoping thats all it is, would be nice to have one xmas holiday with no illness by anyone. He turns one in a couple of weeks and has his baptism coming up, and also another horrid visit to Birmingham. Plus the start of his VI teaching and another set of vaccinations so its all still a bit hectic

Thats all for now, I will come back on later and fill in any gaps plus add some piccies. William has gone suspiciously quiet, so I must go investigate. Bye for now x

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