Sunday, 4 December 2011

Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas ...

Well we have our tree up, and its lovely.

Just need to crack on with shopping to make sure Santa's got something to leave underneath it.

A new friend I met on twitter has just flown to St Lucia to renew his wedding vows. That it so wonderful, what isnt wonderful is that he has terminal cancer. He sends lovely messages for Harry, God indeed has a special purpose for him, chief Angel. LIfe is so unfair. Hate cancer so so much.

I sent him the link to my absolute favourit song, the words have lovely meanings and I dedicate to Harry. You can click the link and listen along whilst you read my blog.

A special friend of Harry's who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at the same time as Harry was diagnosed flies to Philadelphia today with his family. UK protocol has given him all the treatment they will give here, but the US gives immunotherapy which is proven to help. They will be over there for 6months and have had to raise all the cash themselves to pay for it. £250,000 thereabouts. Why the UK puts so much little value to childrens lives to save money is mind boggling. A child has every right to life, it is not its fault it was born and if there is something that will enable its life it should be given. We all wish Corey Ashcroft and his family all the luck in the whole wide world x

I'm expecting Harry's next appointment letter through the door anytime soon, life cannot be so shit that it gives us bad news again before Christmas. I am so tempted to say he's ill and not go, but the longer you leave it between lasering the more chance it has of getting hold of him. The benefits far outweigh but I hate it. Hope Rachel can come, got a funny feeling it will land bang on Danny's nights, and as his uber helpful employer the ambulance Service dont give a monkeys any time of is unpaid as he used all his paid leave at the beginning of Harry's journey. Anopther little Riley may have to come with me and find someone to look after the others.
Sod off cancer and leave Harry alone.

Where was I ... oh yes the tree is up and its beautiful. I;'ve twittered it and its had loads of loverly comments. William keeps saying 'what happened, Wheres Christmas, wheres presents' Cannot wait to see his face on Christmas morn.

Have booked Harry's Christening for 8th Jan, and for those that can remember that happy date, its also his first birthday. Its going to be a special day for him, and there will be absolutely no talk of cancer, hospitals or anything. I forbid it.

Finally, Happy Birthday to my dear Dad and adored grandad. Love you lots xx

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