Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A horrid day ..

Well today saw Harry starting his tiny baby vaccinations again. A good thing for his little immune system which is still re-building itself. Apparantly it takes a good 6 months from the last chemo session for it to recover. Chicken Pox and Measles are a deffo no no.
Anyway, he obliged with lots of coo's and gurgles and didnt really flinch when they jabbed both legs on the count of 3. Brave boy who is obviously so used to needles they don't bother him.
Its now its bothering him. 9pm and he's still sobbing. He's been thru chemo and never murmured and now some vaccines are getting at him. His legs are probably sore. Still, the cuddles he's wanting are nice. Like a little hot water bottle.

Then we had the bad news (sort of) Harry will go to Birmingham on Sunday 18th Dec. It then kicks of the horrid horrid feeling of the 'what if' scenarios. I am hoping beyond all hope that we get good news this time. would be the best Christmas present ever. Hanty Raychel coming this time. Dan's on nights so he can't come or watch the others, my mum is visiting her sister that weekend so my other sister Annette is going to come and stop with them. They must feel like spare parts.

Madeleine went to watch the main school at her pre-school perform their Nativity. She told me all about it...
The hayngel gabel had some christmas decorations in her hair.
The baby Jesus was born in a box... was Harry born in a box?
Some boys had towels on their heads and dresses on .. why did boys wear dresses
Some kings brought muck and gold and something else
me .. what was Jesus's mummy and daddy called? Madeleine.. mummy and daddy. No, did they call them by other names?.. Babies can't talk.. what was the lady called that came on a donkey... it wasnt a donkey it was a dog.

Har har har thats a 3yr old persepective of the Nativity.

Matthew genius child is on his 12x table. He came out of school today with a hand decorated paper bag with 2 lovingly made mince pies in. Oooh a present for me I thought.. no chance he scoffed both of them. His reasoning was he'd made them so he ate them. Share? you must be joking.

And William, well he's Just William xxx

Just in case you need another Harry fix x

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  1. Madeleine is SOOOOO funny! I must tell you about her Harry Hill comment the other day!!
    Our best Nativity was when my boy was Joseph. Never before has a Joseph looked more bored and disinterested much to my horror! Harry will be fine because I am coming!