Friday, 16 December 2011

Its snowing ..

Well today dawned with out first snowfall and it was sticking. The kids were excited, Natthew especially as its his last day of term too. Harry looked so snuggly warm

Its only 2 days til we go to Birmingham and am getting nervous. You can see on this pic his left eye turns in a lot more than the right. Am terrified its cause the awful cancer is rearing its evil ugly head and invading again, or more (hopefully) likely its just as the pic was taken. Am so so so so hoping we get 'no new tumors' this time.

Any way, I digress, it was covered in snow this morn, and when I loaded kiddies into the car, Harry was squealing and giggling as the snow fell on his face. I wish I had captured it on my phone so you could all share. Matthew was planning his snowman for when he got home from school. Think he was a little disappointed when the rain came and washed it all away. Looks pretty, but where we live makes it a nightmare to drive to and from the house. Twice last year we had to abandon the car and trek up the mega hill home. As its remote and in the country, it doesnt get gritted.

Matthew's school re-enacted the nativity in a lovely service in the church. Matthew was a shepherd. Here he is walking out at the end. Must say I was impressed with the costumes, not one tea towel was in sight.

I must admit I was rather smug that my three were as quiet as mice (maybe had something to do with the bribey sweeties I took)and I was very proud of Matthew.

Still what I cannot get away from is that its only 2 days til Brum. Don't wanna go. FACT.

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  1. I'll be with you x I'm looking forward to all the snuggled I get with Harry, but hate that feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach and the emotions that I struggle to hide n keep in when we are in that room with all the other precious little mites. Still, stiff upper lip and all that! Praying for good news xx