Friday, 2 December 2011

Trying to crawl

As you can see Harry is doing his bestest to get on his hands and knees. He can do either but no managed both together yet.

Had a visit from 2 lovely ladies from the Visual Impairment Team, one of whom will be Harry's teacher. She is very nice and Harry seemed to like her. They will come weekly!!! and there was I thinking it would be something they would do nearer going to school time. He's got a lever arch file full of targets and milestones he has to achieve, wonder if he will get a degree at the end of it. His lessons will start after christmas.

Hanty Raychel spent the day with us, we popped into town to do 2 banks and 2 shops, however we seemed to bump into everyone and us putting a 2hr ticket on for 'just in case' actually very nearly ran out. She read a zillion stories to Madeleine who seemed blissfully unaware Rachel was making most of them up as MAdeleine had chosen the longest possible stories she could find. Nice one Rachel.

And here we are to Friday again, quite a short but eventful week. Next week will be just as busy, Harry got his jabs on Tuesday and William got to have more stinggy eye drops on Friday to see if they can see if he is long sighted enough for glasses. They had him as unco-operative last time. Excuse me, you try forcing eye drops into a 2 year old, pin them down in a dark room then have a complete stranger try and look into their eyes and expect them to sit completely still. Hmmwe shall see.

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  1. Crawl, Harry, crawl! He's so cute I can hardly stand it.

    That hanty Raychel is a tricksy one, isn't she? Madeleine doesn't stand a chance against her wiles.

    Good luck with the eye drops. That sounds like just barrels of fun. Barrels. :|