Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A very horrid weekend ..

It was always going to be a 'not nice' weekend but it turned out even more horrid.
Sunday morning dawned and Danny returned from work at 7am, well he sort of did. Turned into the bottom of the road and couldnt get up. It was like Blackpool ice rink so he abandoned the car over someones drive and dragged himself home, phoning me about every 2 mins. Grr I thought, ffs Danny its only an icy patch. He's such a wimp when it comes to winter driving. So, he got in and went to bed. So when daybreak dawned, about 10am I rang my dad and asked if he would come up so I could get the car. I needed to get the kids to his house, pick Rachel up and get home for 1pm for the Birmingham taxi coming.
10:30am, Dad rang. The road IS icy and he is stuck in front of my car. WHAT!!!!!
So I slithered down the road, its quite a steep hill, did a couple of triple salkos across a few drives and got to my car.
Carnage. A car had slid into my dads car, a car was diagonal across the road and every neighbour was desperatly trying to stay on their feet. Was quitre amusing to watch I musg say, especially when a farmer. returning home in his 4x4 all wheel drive on anything car decided to stop in middle of icy road, get out and see if he could help. What happened next usually only happens in Tom and Jerry. He stood up then his feet slipped and he frantically tried to stay on his feet then up in the air and landed flat on his back. I turned away to snigger.#
Anyway I still have a major problem, car and me and my dad now at bottom of hill, kids at home and taxi on its way.
To cut a long story short, dad managed to slither my car backwards round the corner onto the flat, do the same with his car, and we tried to go round the other way. It was just passable, we got the kids and all our stuff and headed back to dads. The taxi was intercepted and told to meet us there. Down the huge big dipper hill, the car slid and after a very hairy scary moment with a wall looming very quickjly, dad recovered and drove it away. Phew thank god for dads.

We left for Birmingham about 1pm, me Harry and Hanty Raychel. The journey was okay, motorway quite clear and we chatted through the mornings adventure, unaware we were going to have another.
As we approached the split in the M6 for the toll road, a car at the last minute decided paying £5 was too much and turned back on the normal M6, over the white hatchings thats illegal to drive on. That split second decision by that prize idiot (and yes it was a man!!) nearly cost us our lives. Our taxi driver, who drove a steady 65, slammed his brakes on and came to a stop inches from the offending car. We were almost sideways on the carriageway. Oh my God, then we braced for something slamming into the back of us and unusually for the M6 there was nothing, and I thank god for that. It was very scary and I think the taxi driver was a nervous wreck after that. He must have been, cos the take home driver knew all about it.

We spent a lovely couple of hours in Brum town centre, and met the lovely Harry Mosely family, who were raising funds for Brain Tumor research in memory of their lovely son who died a month ago. Harry had snuggles with his mum. A truly lovely lady, and heartbreaking watching her cuddle my Harry, knowing hers is watching from the stars.

Anyway, I will just recap what happened at the hospital.
Harry went down to theatre about 9.15am and yet again was in ages. That wait is so awful, the worst actually.
The doc came out and dropped the bad news again, Harry has grown more seedling tumors, which they've lasered. All the existing tumors plus the new ones from last time still look inactive. So he said it was good news and what they expected Back in 3 weekds.
I'm sorry, but to me new seedling tumors is anything but good news. And I don't care whether they expect this to happen or not, my darling baby is still growing nasty cancer. The nurse explained a little better, but its still horrid.
The period after chemo when they see some activity is not just the first few visits they had me believe, it can go on for years, especially up to the age of 2ish when the retina grows at its fastest. So they are not surprised if new ones grow in this period, so it looks like we have at least 12mths of going every 3-4wks. Not happy. They are more concerned if the new ones grow in clusters making them more difficult to laser, or if old tumors start re-growing and then they need to rethink his treatment, but at the moment they are quite happy that the seedling tumors are sporadic, on the outer rims of his retinas and are laser-able. We need to concentrate on getting harry to use what sight he has and they will come up with a plan next time we go.

I am still angry that the cancer dares show its face and I know not to build up my hopes for nothing new at the visits we go to from now on. And as the nurse says, it doesnt matter what form its in and that to look at he looks quite well, Harry still has cancer and he has to fight it.

Well Harry may have cancer, but cancer will never ever have Harry.

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  1. Helloooo fellow M6 survivor! Just blogging about it now!! I bet you are secretly glad you took your nosy and bossy big sister who commmandeered the lovely Maureen for you xx I know its not what we wanted to hear - but its what we needed to hear.xx