Sunday, 11 December 2011

minus 1 week and counting ....

1 week til Birmingham. Its not fair, we should be getting excited about christmas but instead we've got the awful gloom over the christmas spirit whilst we wait for next week to come. I am sure we will get good news, Harry needs a break and surely its his turn for one.

Saying that, Christmas... aaarggghhh. I am so unprepared. Cards are only half written and gifts are almost non-existent. Tuesday I am gonna blitz the lot. At least I've got my turkey lol.

William had his eye appt on Friday, and Marlene our lovely Rainbow Trust friend came along. Don't think she was ready for the number of times William would try and escape from the ward. 'Wow, he's quick' she said. He was also determined not to be beaten by the docs, and after half an hour they admitted defeat. Seeing as his lazy eye isnt all that lazy by their standards they decided to leave it 6m and check again. He will be a little older, she said, and will prob sit better. I am not so confident lol.

My sis has got her tree up. Its lovely, but not as lovely as mine. har har
Hers is very purple and silver and drains the national grid with the amount of lights on it, and I am sure the branches are reinforced as she has so many decorations, but honestly it is really lovely, and as she lives in a row of victorian terraces, hers is by far the best on display in the row. She and her family are going to our mums for Christmas day lunch. Hope you like soft sprouts and broccoli lol.

We are staying at home this year. Will be the first Christmas Dan has had off in ages, tho he is working New year.

Talk about getting ready for Christmas, I have to sort his 1st Birthday and Christening for 8th Jan. We are going to be mega skint for a while lol.
8th Jan is going to be a special day for Harry and I am going to forbid any talk of illness and the like. A celebration day. It is likely to be the weekend for the next brum visit, but they can sod off. He won't be comin that day, like it or lump it.
Just in case you need a little Harry fix ...

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