Thursday, 27 September 2012

way to go Harry

Harry has taken his first steps. He called 'mmmmmeeeeeyyy' and then walked 5 steps to me. He was so happy, his grin was massive. He triumphantly shouted Yay.
I am so proud. Despite everything my little hero has been through and is still going through he has overcome massive hurdles to reach his development milestones. Ok, he's way behind his peers but by sheer grit and determination he's got there. Well, we've still a long way to go but for now I am amazingly happy.
Harry happy superstar can now freestand and then turn and set off walking when I say 'walk to mummy'. He's becoming braver day by day and letting go more often and 'just' standing there. His siblings are amazed and shout 'look at Harry' as soon as he does it.
So way to go Harry!


  1. Thats so lovely to hear. Yay to Harry!

  2. It's chuffing brilliant! Clever boy! Xxx