Friday, 7 September 2012

First days at school.

Wednesday morning dawned and all three angels were dressed and off to school we went.
Madeleine trotted into the playground quite happily and no sign of tears. There were plenty of tears on some of the new starter parents faces. Danny and I didn't shed one!!

Just to share a few pics with you, the dress was worn on her second day.

She seemed quite happy each day when I picked her up, and she chose a new book for us to share. I sniggered a little when she seemed indignant she couldnt read the words now she goes to big school. Err I think you need a few more visits chucky lol

William has settled into pre-school, I wondered if he would fret as he used to go on a Friday when Madeleine was there, but he gave his usual bye mummy whilst walking into the room, so alls well there.

It does seem really quiet now, Harry has been crawling round the room shouting. Probably shouting for them, he must wonder where they've gone. Its a busy week for him next week. He's seeing the paediatrician in our local hospital on Monday, she is sorting the CAF and statementing he will need, she also wants to check he is growing and developing. I hope she'll be pleased with his progress since his last visit.

His physio and occupational therapist is coming on Wednesday to do an assessment. He's not really progressed that much since their last visit, maybe cruising along a little more. He's 20mths old now, he should be walking independently. He still looks like a baby, not the toddler he should be looking like.

Then Thursday, its back down to Birmingham for his EUA on Fri morning. Lynn his VI teacher wanted to come next week, but there wasnt much space on his calendar lol.
Marlene superstar from Rainbow Trust is taking Madeleine and William out on Wednesday to give Harry some quiet time with the physio and occ therapist. She's also doing some of the school runs thurs/Fri so that my dad doesnt need to take time off work whilst I am in Birmingham. Yet again Danny couldnt get time off and Rachelradiostar is back at work, so its off I go alone again. Looking forward to hearing 'No new growths'.

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