Saturday, 22 September 2012

He's found his feet!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry got to his feet, all by himself, in the middle of the floor and stood for 2 mins before realising and going 'yay' and promptly falling down. He's been cruising round the furniture for a couple of weeks but he's always used a wall, chair etc to stand himself up.
This is amazing, his look of triumph was amazing. I am a very proud mama.

I don't get the 'gosh is he not walking yet' spiel from strangers cause he still looks like a baby, not the size of an average 20mth old. But I don't care what anyone says anyway, because a)its none of their godammed business, b)babies cannot grow, fight cancer and tolerate toxic chemo at the same time, c)babies do not follow instruction manuals, they do it in their own sweet time and d)its none of their godammed business.

Madeleine seems to have settled well into school. She's found some friends and isn't constantly bugging Matthew. Don't think she's the chatterbox of the class. William loves going to pre-school every day. Its really quiet at home now. Even Harry has resorted to shouting just to make it sound more normal lol.

ON the way to school the other day, I explained to Matthew that Madeleine will be starting to stay for lunch from this next week. She's having the same packed lunch/school dinner pattern as Matthew so I asked if he'd keep a watchful eye. I said she's chosen pizza on the day he has fish. He then started off on a great debate on how its absolutely not fair they don't get a choice of pizza toppings. 'Why is it always cheese and tomato?' he asked. Well its so vegetarians can eat it too, probably I said.
'Whats a vegetarian again' he askes. Its someone who chooses not to eat meat for whatever reason I told him. 'What. no barbecue sausages, burgers or sunday tea???' I think I can safely say Matthew will always be a meat eater. Now not to offend vegetarians I apologise for this part of the conversation.
'Meat comes from animals right??' Yes Matthew. Beef comes from cows, pork and bacon and ham from pigs and lamb, well that says it for itself.
'Oh and I love lamb but I don't think I'll eat it anymore' (gulp where's this going) whys that I asked. 'Well cows and pigs are ugly so its okay to eat them but lambs are all bouncy and cute, so its a shame to eat them' But they grow into sheep Matthew.
'Oh yes, well thats all right then, cause sheep are ugly too'

So you're happy not being a vegetarian I asked. 'Absolutely' said Matthew 'and besides they eat with their fingers'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Har har har

DISCLAIMER: I absolutely know that vegetarians do not eat with their fingers and are quite happy using cutlery, I was merely laughing at a childs view on the world.

Oh and Chloe seems to be having the time of her life at Univ, her moms probably gained a few more grey hairs lol


  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa I suppose chickens are ugly too?