Sunday, 9 September 2012

Chloe - saint and superstar

This blog entry is dedicated to my wonderful and beautiful niece Chloe. I've mentioned her in earlier posts, she's been an actual darling in helping look after my angels since Harry's diagnosis.

Anyway lets whizz back 18 and a bit years and on the 17th June beautiful baby Chloe arrived. She was perfect, and the model baby. Well a model too, she won a bonny baby competition. Rachel still lived at mums when she was born, and my greatest delight was stealing her into my bed for cuddles. She laughed and smiled constantly.

She was soooo funny too (no guesses where she gets this trait from lol)she squeaked away in her high pitched voice, bossed Tallam (callum) round and fussed over him like a mother hen. I still giggle at this story, and Rachel will KNOW exactly what story I'm going to share.

At probably around 4yrs old, she and mummy went to the local spar shop for some groceries. Upon approaching the counter Chloe, wide eyed, dared utter 'Look at that Hugly woman'
(Sniggering, its actually true, she was very ugly, chicken pox had obviously not been kind)
Now probably extremely red faced, Rachel was just wanting to pay and leg it, but Chloe kept on saying it.

It doesnt end there. Some time later, when in the same shop Chloe decided to avoid looking at said hugly womnan by pulling her cardigan over her face, snigger

Chloe blossomed into a lovely girl, She was a delight to look after and when Matthew was born, she adored him. Smothered him really, but she jumped at every opportunity to cuddle him, he was none too impressed one night tho, aged 18m when Chloe gave him his nighttime milk, then tried to hold his chin in her hand whilst she burped him. Her reward, was an adoring little boy that trotted after her and called her lowee. She jumped at any opportunity to help look after him and subsequently the others.

This has been a lifesaver on some of my Birmingham trips, as she's stayed with my mum and helped play and sort them out when Danny couldnt get time off and so my dad didnt have to lose any hols. They loved it, feeding the ducks, going to the park and not for one minute did I ever worry when they were with her. I trust her, full stop. She has had an amazing upbringing. Rachel has taught her every life lesson you could need and the result is a Chloe who can cook, sew, clean and be able to look after herself.

Thats why I know she will be ok, cos on Saturday Rachel and Darren will drive her to her new life. Life at university in Newcastle. And whilst she will be missed, she thoroughly deserves her place. She worked tirelessly and studied all hours to get the amazing grades she got. And she will be able to look after herself, living off the paltry amount she will have left after her exorbitant accommodation costs have been deducted.

I wish Chloe love and luck as she moves into her new chapter of life. I will miss her dearly, Rachel will miss her like crazy, the neighbours won't miss 'will you tidy your room', but I've heard Newcastle is amazing for shopping, so a trip to see her nearer Christmas is deffo on the cards, if only to take a hamper of pasta and cupboard essentials to keep her going. Lancaster's loss is Newcastle's gain.

One of my favourite memories, we went to Morecambe and whilst waiting for Rachel's 10min (more like an hour) hair appt to be over we walked onto the front and she tirelessly trotted after escape artist William and then we looked at the Eric Morecambe statue. My kids havent giggled so much in ages as they tried to adopt the same pose, I think Chloe won....

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  1. All the best chloe have fun but be careful. Big hugs to mummy & aunty xx