Sunday, 16 September 2012

Har Har RB, did you enjoy your kickin??

I knew Harry's trip to Birmingham was going to be fine. Why??
Well to start with the taxi was on time and the M6 was free flowing and stoppage free.
We booked into the hotel and were given a lovely large 'clean' room. A bit much for just me and Harry really.
Getting to the ward on Friday morning, I knew all the families from previous visits, so we could all sit and chat. The baby diagnosed the same day as Harry, is a full 2 months younger, and towers over Harry and is walking. Not needing the chemo obviously hasnt held him back.
Harry went down Number 4, but the first 3 were in and out in no time at all, no treatment needed.
So in went Harry, I was hoping he wouldnt spoil the clear run, but he wasnt going to disappoint. He too was clear. Fandabedozy. Thats now 2 visits on the trot.
In fact the next 2 children were clear too. His consultant was over the moon. This has rarely happened, his poor laser and cryotherapy equipment must have felt a bit sad and unloved lol.

So RB, not only did Harry give you a kickin this time, but so did the other kids too. You may think you're strong but our kids are stronger this time.

Ok so we're back in 4-5 weeks again, but hey bring it on.

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